Booster Fan Repair and Upgrade

Booster fan

If you have an older fan that’s still in good shape but not working well, then this just might be for you.

In many buildings build in the last 90’s and early 2000’s the booster fans were installed with heat sensors to turn them on. At the time this was great but now there are much better ways to turn on a booster fan. Many of these buildings were in the Coal Harbour and False Creek areas of Vancouver.

The problem with heat sensors, is they take a long time to turn a dryer on. Even worse, if you use a no heat setting or delicate setting then the heat sensor may never turn on the booster fan. Also many modern energy efficient dryers don’t get hot enough to work well with heat sensors.

Booster fans of this era were usually high quality and still work great to this day. The problem is the heat sensors. To fix this I’m now installing air pressure sensors that will replace the old sensors. The air sensors will turn on the booster fan as soon as the dryer is started.

To learn more about booster fan repair and upgrade, please feel free to contact me