Absolute mess May 2024

Lint Covered fan

This booster fan was an absolute mess. The tenants in this suite do a huge amount of laundry each week but little was done to take care of the Dryer, Duct and Booster fan. As a result there was the start of a ceiling leak.

Then I first opened up this fan, a large amount of water fell out. Surprising me as this has never happened to me with this type of fan. The cause of all of this was the inside of the dryer was so full of lint that the lint screen couldn’t sit in it’s proper position.

Dryer Lint Screen

Because the screen wouldn’t go all the way down, the lint got past it. This lint went on to clog up the duct and fan. Then water couldn’t be blown out and the dryer no longer worked.

For this I had to open up the dryer and clean out all the lint inside. Then clean out all the lint in the duct and booster fan.

absolute mess

Unfortunately this fan couldn’t be repaired and had to be replaced.

After all this was complete the dryer and fan are now working flawlessly.

I did strongly recommend getting this duct cleaned out by masduct.com

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