SV156 and Screens

SV156 and Screens - Flapper Primex SV156

Flappers for dryer vents are generally considered better than screens for a few reasons:

    Better air flow: Flappers allow for better air flow through the dryer vent, which can improve the efficiency of the dryer and reduce the risk of lint buildup. Screens can trap lint and debris, which can impede air flow and reduce efficiency.

    More effective at keeping pests out: Flappers create a more secure seal than screens, making it more difficult for pests to enter the home through the dryer vent. Screens may have small openings or gaps that can allow pests to enter.

    Less maintenance: Flappers require less maintenance than screens because they do not trap lint or debris. Screens can become clogged with lint and debris, which can require regular cleaning to maintain proper air flow.

    Better protection from weather: Flappers can help to prevent rain, snow, and other weather elements from entering the home through the dryer vent. Screens may not provide as much protection from the elements.

Overall, flappers for dryer vents are a more effective and low-maintenance option for protecting the home from pests, weather, and lint buildup than screens. However, it’s important to choose the right type of flapper (Primex SV156) for your specific dryer vent and to ensure it is installed properly for optimal performance.