Dryer Vent Screen

Dryer Vent Screen Plugged Up and Damaged

Just a quick update. I came across this plugged up and damaged lint screen. The screen had been painted over with lint still on it. This nearly completely blocked the screen. The paint used wasn’t meant for metal and as a result was peeling off.

With a plugged screen the steam wasn’t able to escape the duct and water built up inside. This caused a large ceiling stain and leak.

The solution was to replace the screen with a flapper. This will allow the air to escape and never plug up. A much better solution.

Flapper Vent for Dryer Duct
Flapper Vent for Dryer Duct

After the dryer vent screen replacement I would recommend a dryer duct cleaning from masduct.com

For more information on flapper installation contact us.