Dryer Booster Fan in ceiling

Lint from the Dryer Booster Fan in ceiling

Here I came across a dryer booster fan in the ceiling. It hadn’t been serviced in a very long time, if ever. It was completely broken and as such it had to be replaced. Usually this type of fan can be repaired or even just needs a minor service but in this case it was left too long.

Dryer Booster Fan in Ceiling
Dryer Booster Fan in Ceiling

When this particular laundry closet was built there contractor never put in a service door for access to the fan. As a result I had to cut open the ceiling, replace the fan and install a service door.

Because there had been no access for many years the duct had also not been cleaned. This caused a huge buildup of lint. This caused ceiling leaks and other problems.

Some builders like to hide the Dryer Booster fan in Ceilings to make it more aesthetic but by doing this it can lead to many future problems. Which is why I always put fans where they are accessible. This makes it easy to insure they are working properly and to service them when needed.

Always get you ducts cleaned on an annual basis and make sure to have everything done to prevent future problems. To learn more about dryer duct cleaning visit masduct.com

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