Dryer lint in flex hose

dryer lint

I came across this flex hose full of lint in an apartment in Vancouver last week. (July 25 2023) The residents had just recently gotten their dryer ducts cleaned. The duct cleaners couldn’t get good airflow and suggested that the residents get a booster fan. So they called me in. In doing my initial checks I found that the flex hose from the dryer to be completely full of lint. So much so that no air could get out of the dryer. This is a huge fire risk as this will cause the dryer to heat up with no where for the heat to go. This also caused the clothes to not dry.

Booster fan install and new flex hose

I replaced the flex hose and installed a new dryer booster fan. Even though the major problem here was the poorly cleaned duct, they still needed a booster fan. This amount of lint would not have gotten this bad with a booster fan.

Once I left, the dryer duct was fantastic, and will work safely for many years. This lint in flex hose was as bad as I’ve seen, I was happy to get it fixed.

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